Churn Young Volunteers

Our Young Volunteers programme is currently suspended due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Churn Young Volunteers bridge the gap between the generations, bringing together older people living in care homes with young volunteers aged 16+.

Usually, our young volunteers visit residents living at Watermoor House, Paternoster House, Elm Grove, Abbeyfield House and Ashley House in Cirencester. Most of the volunteers are studying at Cirencester College but some are from other schools and colleges in the area.

We tailor our volunteering experiences to fit with the demands of a busy term-time schedule. You can volunteer for 10 hours over a term. We recognise that not everyone wants to sit and chat, so we also offer volunteering through art projects, singing, playing board-games or doing puzzles together (and are open to other ideas).

If you are seeking a volunteering experience to complete your Duke of Edinburgh Award we can help.

How do I get involved?

The CYV Co-ordinator, Julie Battishill, introduces the student to the care home and the appropriate members of staff before they begin their volunteering. After receiving DBS clearance volunteers visit for one hour a week during term time. The purpose of their visit is to offer friendship and company. Julie keeps in touch with the volunteers and the care homes to provide ongoing support

For further information please contact Julie Battishill

Call: 01285 380035


"We are so used to the youngsters coming now, and they seem so much at home when they come. They are part of the scene these days, which is lovelyā€¯

Care Home Manager